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Activities and Events

A stage setup for Senior Ring Weekend

In the interest of preserving – to the greatest extent possible – opportunities for members of the community to safely collaborate and celebrate, Providence College has undertaken extensive event/activity planning for the fall semester. This will involve a combination of in-person events (limited), hybrid in-person/virtual events, and fully virtual events.

Faculty/Staff/Student-Hosted Events

  • The first consideration for event planners should be the current state guidelines governing in-person gatherings.
  • All events will require prior approval, either by the Office of College Events, the Office of Student Activities and Cultural Programming, Mission and Ministry, the Department of Athletics, or other responsible entity.
  • All event proposals must reflect compliance with the College’s COVID-19 virus control and mitigation protocols, across several categories of consideration:
    • Logistics, i.e. physical distancing requirements
    • Catering/food
    • Necessary event staffing
    • Record-keeping for contact tracing and legal considerations
    • Audio/visual and/or remote technology platform needs
    • Restrictions related to outside speakers/performers
    • Restrictions related to outside vendors
  • Virtual gatherings will be strongly encouraged; event organizers are asked to take all possible steps to minimize in-person contact during events and activities.
  • Room/space size, configuration, capacity, and sanitation considerations will take precedence over requestor preference in room/space assignments.
  • COVID-19 screening measures will be implemented, as appropriate, at event entry points.
  • Electronic check-in will be required at all events for contact-tracing purposes.
  • Pre-registration will be required for faculty/staff events.
  • Pre-registration will be required for student events whenever possible/appropriate.
  • Several function spaces will be identified for permanent sets, in compliance with size restrictions and physical distancing requirements, to accommodate all hybrid virtual/in-person meetings.

Sacramental Events

  • Those planning Masses and other sacramental events will follow Diocese of Providence guidelines, especially as they relate to physical distancing, e.g. marked seating and blocked pews to create space between worshipers.
  • Large Masses, e.g. Fall Welcome Mass, Homecoming Mass, etc., will most likely be celebrated outside (with diocesan permission), and/or be offered by some combination of in-person attendance and remote presentation.
  • Spaces will be configured to allow for the Sacrament of Reconciliation with appropriate physical distancing and plans for sanitization.
  • Weddings may be scheduled in St. Dominic Chapel, provided that the same guidelines for other Masses and celebrations are observed.