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Activities and Events

The Event Implementation Team (EIT) created events protocols to meet the needs of the PC Community, aligned with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. This plan was approved by the College for events taking place during Fall 2020 and is effective immediately

These protocols are required during the Fall of 2020, for both virtual and in-person events. Please know that these plans are subject to change as guidelines evolve. Thank you in advance for your adherence to them.  

If you have a pre-existing Fall 2020 reservation awaiting confirmation in 25Live, please review that reservation, and contact Central Reservations.

Faculty and Staff Meetings and Event Protocols

The College is implementing a new campus events protocol for meetings, events, spiritual programs, and off-campus activities in adherence with Rhode Island State guidelines on gatherings, and other COVID related concerns for the health and safety of the PC community. Due to revised academic schedules, static room set-ups, capacity limits, cleaning protocols, etc. campus spaces available for meetings or events will be limited in the Fall of 2020. 

While the College expects that all meetings and events will be held virtually whenever possible, a protocol to hold an in-person meeting or event, in line with the most current RI State and Providence College guidelines, has been developed. 

Virtual Meetings and Events

  • Any virtual meeting or event that is going to be marketed across the PC community, requires the resources of  IT, Marketing & Communications, College Events, include an external speaker, and/or be opened to social media or members of the outside community, MUST be entered in 25Live as a virtual event request.  Providence College’s operational meetings on Zoom do not require any reservation in the 25Live system.
  • Event requestor should select the “virtual” space choice in 25Live. 
  • All virtual space requests will receive a confirmation email from Central Reservations. 
    • Virtual Events that include an external speaker, performer, entertainer, that is NOT part of an academic curriculum, must adhere to the College’s Speaker Policy and will be reviewed by College Events.
speaker policy
  • Should a virtual event conflict with existing College Speaker Policy or another major College event, College Events will be in contact with more information/alternative options.  
    • The Virtual Event Guide, which will continue to be populated with resources, is linked below.
virtual event guide

In-Person Meetings and Events

  • All physical space requests for in-person events MUST be entered in 25Live and will require that an event proposal be completed in PC Central at least 3 weeks in advance of the event date.
  • Proposals will be reviewed weekly by a standing committee (EIT). 
  • The EIT will accept, deny, or give direction on, proposals for in-person events based on COVID-19 concerns/restrictions and the need for the event to be held in-person, within 7 business days of proposal submission. 
  • In-person meetings or events must adhere to employee health and safety guidelines outlined on .
  • External speakers, entertainers, performers, or guests will be considered on a case by case basis as part of an in-person proposal in Fall 2020. The College discourages this practice currently. 
  • In-person event proposals will require the event organizer to have read and show an understanding of event restrictions and protocols. These include but are not limited to wearing masks, physical distancing, gathering size limits, electronic registration, and attendee check-in process for contact tracing purposes etc. Central Reservations will assign a room for all approved in-person events based on room set-up needs included in the proposal, and space availability.  
  • The faculty/staff member who requested the space will receive a confirmation email from Central Reservations listing the event location, date, and time that have been reserved in 25Live.  
  • The faculty/staff member who requested the space will also receive instructions on how to use required Check-In software. 

A complete step-by-step manual, for both in-person and virtual events, has been created by the Office of College Events and is linked below.

step by step manual for in-person and virtual events

The faculty or staff member requesting a space in 25Live is responsible for ensuring the above requirements are met, communicated, and/or followed.