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Rules and Compliance

  • The College’s Student Handbook has been updated with new conduct regulations (p. 78) related to managing the threat of COVID-19 in the Providence College community, especially as it relates to face mask requirements, physical distancing, and the acceptable sizes of group gatherings. Students have received information about this addition to the conduct code, and all students will be required to sign a form acknowledging that they have read and understand the expectations and potential sanctions. This update also applies to students who live in off-campus housing. Failure to sign the form will not relieve any students of the responsibility of abiding by the code. Parents have been notified of the expectations and have been provided with a copy of the code’s new COVID-19 provision

Residence Life

Please visit the Student Life FAQ website for answers to more questions about residence life and housing.

  • Visitors and guests will not be allowed into residence halls. This includes visitors from off campus (including family and friends) and students who live in other residence halls. Only assigned residents and College personnel necessary for student well-being, security, safety, and building maintenance will have access to residence halls. This policy may be revised or relaxed if virus threat conditions decrease.
  • The Fall 2020 move-in process will be modified to limit the numbers of people in residence halls at any given time. More information will be provided later in July.
  • The College is taking steps to create quarantine/isolation spaces in on-campus facilities. This will likely require that some students be relocated or released from their on-campus housing obligations and allowed to move off campus if they are able to secure housing. Office of Residence Life and Housing staff members are working to minimize changes and will be in touch with those who will be affected in order to work out alternative arrangements.
  • PC is obtaining and creating additional housing space by converting under-utilized administrative space on campus, utilizing College-owned off-campus residential properties, and expanding agreements with local property management companies.
  • Furniture configurations will be modified, and – in some cases – pieces will be removed to provide for adequate social distancing and to limit group sizes in accordance with state guidelines.
  • Signage will be posted identifying occupancy limits in all common areas and to help facilitate adequate social distancing.
  • The use of laundry facilities will be coordinated based on floor assignment. Coordinated times will be staggered to allow for social distancing. The laundry machine availability app will be expanded to provide more accurate and timely information to students seeking to use laundry facilities.
  • Some stairwells will be designated for one-way traffic.

These details are provided today as preliminary information. More specifics relative to residence life and housing will be provided in separate communications from Student Affairs as plans continue to develop. 


In cooperation with Sodexo, the College’s dining services partner, PC will offer enhanced dining flexibility and convenience in the fall semester, as part of efforts to control and mitigate coronavirus spread. Please visit the Student Life FAQ website for answers to more questions about dining.

  • Additional remote “grab and go” kiosks will be set up in various locations to provide more flexibility within meal plan options. Examples include McPhail’s and the Ryan Center for Business Studies cafe.
  • Students will have the option to take their food “to go” any time they swipe into Raymond Dining Hall.
  • Take-out options will be promoted, and a mobile app will be made available to increase convenience.
  • No-touch, self-tap card access and payment systems will be available at all dining locations.
  • A Starbuck’s kiosk and bakery will be added to Raymond Hall.
  • These modifications, and others, will make dining-plan card swipes available more broadly, reducing the need for PC cash.

In the Dining Halls

  • Measures will be in place to manage physical distancing and capacity guidelines, as required by state and federal agencies, along with the College’s specific safety requirements.
  • This will include the removal or blocking of excess tables, booths, and chairs.
  • It is currently anticipated that dining halls will seat patrons at 50% capacity.
  • “One way,” “wait here,” and “pick up here” signage will provide visual cues that will help with social distancing.
  • Face masks will be required to enter dining facilities and while persons are moving throughout those facilities.
  • Self-service food options will be eliminated.

Athletics and Recreation

The College will follow the guidelines provided by several reputable and relevant professional organizations to ensure the health and safety of participants, including:

  • Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Joint Consensus Guidelines for Transition Periods: Safe Return to Training Following Inactivity
  • NCAA Re-socialization of Collegiate Sports: Action Plan Considerations
  • National Intramural-Recreation Sports Association (NIRSA)

Varsity Athletics

  • In collaboration with other BIG EAST institutions, PC will modify varsity schedules to eliminate air travel and non-championship season competition.
  • Physical distancing guidelines will apply to attendance at varsity athletics contests, with details to be announced later in the summer. Fans attending on-campus contests will be required to comply with all Providence College COVID-19 guidelines and protocols, including the mandate that all persons on campus wear face masks.

Club and Intramural Competition

Please visit the Student Life FAQ website for answers to more questions about the fitness center, intramural sports, and club sports.

  • Recreational Sports personnel are developing plans, which may involve a phased reintegration of intramural sports and other recreation activities based on potential risk.
  • Training and meetings involving recreational staff, including student employees, will be conducted remotely. Specific education and training on COVID-19-related safety precautions will be implemented.

Please visit the Student Life FAQ website for answers to more questions about life on campus in the fall.